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The page is dedicated to list all possible pros (mostly) and cons of Pascal language (all kinds of pascal included).

Pascal has something of a stigma as an “educational, and therefore weak” language, but it has nothing in common with a real life.

If you’re Pascal developer being involved into a next flame about Pascal language, you’re encouraged to leave reply on this page.

Why do we use Pascal

  1. Object Pascal is simply one of the most productive languages and it can be used for almost everything what C/C++ can.
  2. Object Pascal is native language can be compared to C++ and C. With optimisation can make your Pascal Program more fast as C++ and C.
  3. Native can be compiled anywhere with same compiler (example: FPC and with Lazarus IDE). You doesn’t change what compiler coding style as switch G++, MVC++, etc. And say goodbye to JDK and JRE hell.
  4. Beautiful structured language as well. Object Pascal have really nice oop/interfaces implementation.
  5. Safe and clean syntax, great for team work. Unlike C family can declare variable anywhere and many tabs indent in source code.
  6. Fast compile time. That caused by structured and clean syntax make the compiler make project build fast.

Advantages over C/C++

  • No preprocessor (better code reading and understanding).
  • No hardly readable and poorly debugged STL.
  • Compiler built-in string-type (string ShortString, AnsiString, WideString). As well as still available to use PChar.


Holywar Wiki on FPC:


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